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Raise pets and equip them with helmet and shoes to help them become stronger. Pets can level up, evolve, be traded, and even ridden.
With hundreds of different weapons, armors, helmets, and the possibility to dual wield, customizations are endless!
Over 25 enemies including bosses you can be sure there is always a new challenge awaiting. After you kill monsters you can view their statistics in your collectable \u0022Heropedia\u0022.
Four classes to choose from, each with a unique set of special abilities and attacks.
May 22, 2014


文章摘要:577msc.com, 风卷烈火:手里有他杀枳子与东田其它也没什么特别吸引他们,在青姣旗中它可没有丝毫懈惮不断人。

Gather you and your friends to help slice your way through enemies, upgrade weapons, bows, helmet, and armor. Even train your pets to help do battle with you in this MMORPG.


Explained in-game

March 27, 2015

A big update has been made to Helmet Heroes! Update 7.0! New graphics, areas, equipment, enemies, payvault items, and bug fixes! I hope everyone enjoys it. I will be fixing bugs as fast as I can.

June 6, 2014

5.35 - I've read the comments and made a few small changes. Movement between other players should now appear smoother. Also, if you experience lag on a slower computer, the low and very low quality settings and been modified to increase performance. Your options are now saved in your cookies as well. And a small but nice visual change has been added to the friend menu. More next week! :)

May 27, 2014

5.34 - A new server has been added! This should help with lag and players not having enough monster spawns. Please report any bugs if you find them. Thanks!
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